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1890s Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

This is an old 1890 farmhouse we did. We had to remove the old existing floor to make way for a new kitchen. It’s not always possible but if you can it’s nice to have a flat floor in the kitchen.

The new floor all framed up. The homeowner was on a tight budget so they reused some old cabinets. Yes it would have been nice to install some fancy new cabinets but that isn’t always what people can afford.

The old wall finally removed which opened the kitchen up to the rest of the house. Sheetrock and electrical all done. Now it’s time to get the trim work done so painters can come in and paint these cabinets.

So this old 1890 farmhouse kitchen is all done. Painters did a great job on the old cabinets. We made an island out of two cabinets and wrapped it in some ship lap. LVP for the floor was a good budget friendly choice. At the end these homeowners got a brand new kitchen for a very modest budget.

For a contractor it’s nice when there is a big budget to work with. But sometimes that isn’t always the case. But with good communication between homeowner and contractor about expectations and choices a kitchen remodel can be achieved on a modest budget.

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Jan 04, 2023


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